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   Helpful Tips
  Buy KTX and airport limousine bus ticket and get 25% discount.
    (KRW 12,000→KRW 9,000)
  For a group of 10 passengers or more, you will get 10% discount
  60% discount will be offered to KTX commutation pass holder
  If you transfer to Saemaul or Mugunghwa with KTX ticket,
you will get 30% discount

  Seasonal Early-Bird Discount Information
Pass purchasing period Mon~Fri. departures Sat.,Sun. and holiday departures
1-2 months prior to departure 20% discount 10% discount
15-29 days prior to departure 15% discount 7.5% discount
7-14 days prior to departure 7% discount 3.5% discount

  Honam Line
Major Stops Distance Traveling Time Fare
Seoul~Cheonana 49.0km 34min \11,400
Seoul~Seodaejeon 160.8km 49min \19,800
Seoul~Iksan 243.0km 1hr 38min \27,000
Seoul~Songjeong-ri 340.8km 2hr 30min \35,500
Seoul~Gwangju 352.8km 2hr 40min \36,600
Seoul~Mokpo 407.6km 3hr 03min \41,400
  Gyeongbu Line
Major Stops Distance Traveling Time Fare
Seoul~Gwangmyeong 22.0km 14min \10,600
Seoul~Cheonan 96.0km 34min \11,400
Seoul~Daejeon 159.8km 49min \19,700
Seoul~Dongdaegu 293.1kmm 1hr 39min \34,900
Seoul~Busan 408.5km 2hr 40min \45,000
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