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 Airport Expressway
Entry in the middle not allowed between    Seoul   Airport
Entry in the middle allowed between    Airport   Seoul
Fare(One way) : Car - KRW 6,100/per vehicle
※ KRW 3,000/per vehicle between Airport ~ Bugincheon Toll Plaza

 Entry to Incheon International Airport Expressway
Bungno JCT : Northwestern area of Seoul, Eunpyeung, Mapo areas connecting to Gangbyeunbungno(Expressway) and Jayuro(Expressway)
88JCT : Gangnam, Seocho, Youngdeungpo, Yeoido areas connecting to Olympic Expressway
Gimpo IC : Gimpo Airport and Gangseo area
No-oh-ji JCT : Gimpo, Bucheon, Siheung, Ilsan areas connecting to Seoul Belt Way
Bugincheon IC : Dongincheon and Seoincheon Area

   Entry to Incheon International Airport
For Expressway   Passenger Terminal
Sinbul lC(Straight Ahead)   Gonghangdaero(Airport Grand Road)   Passenger Terminal
For Expressway   Cargo TerminalㆍAirport Support Complex
By Expressway Exit No.6 (Airport Entry JCT)   Gonghangdongno(Airport East Road)
For Expressway   UrwangniㆍDeokgyori
After passing Sinbul IC, take the right exit at 1.2km section
Passenger Terminal   For SeoulㆍIncheon
Gonghangdaero(Airport Grand Road)   Sinbul lC (Straight Ahead)
Yeongjong Ferry Terminal   For Passenger Terminal
Seaside Road   Sinbul lC(Right Turn)   Make a U Turn in front of Cargo Terminal A  
Gonghangdaero(Airport Grand Road)   Passenger Terminal
Yeongjong Ferry Terminal   For Cargo TerminalㆍAirport Support Complex
Seaside Road   Right Turn at Sinbul lC and take Gonghangdongno(Airport East Road)
Yeongjong Ferry Terminal   For UrwangniㆍDeokgyori
Seaside Road   Gonghangnamno(Airport South Road)   UrwangniㆍDeokgyori
Passenger Terminal   Yeongjong Ferry Terminal
Entry to YeongjongㆍYongyu before Sinbul IC   Seaside Road   Yeongjong Ferry Terminal

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