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House Information **What types of housing are in Korea?
House in Korea is divided into 5 types; apartment, villa (low-rise)...
Serviced Aptment Information **What is a serviced apartment?
Serviced apartment is a blended residential form of hotel...
Ofiice Information **How can I rent an office in Korea?
Foreigners usually use hotel, serviced apartment or business center...
Emergency/Hospital Information **What if I have an emergency in Korea?
We provide emergency call service for foreigners. Wherever you...
School Information **Are there any international schools in Korea?
There are two types of international schools in Korea; one is...
Weather Information **How is the weather in Korea?
In Korea, we have four seasons; spring, summer, fall and winter...
Transportation Information **How is the traffic in Korea?
Seoul has serious traffic problems, but public transportation system ...
Visa/Registration Information **What are the procedures for obtaining working visa for foreigners?
There are two ways in which a foreigner may obtain a working...
Food Information **Is tap water OK to drink in Korea?
Sure it is. Most people use tap water to cook food and drink ...
Common Information **How is the crime rate in Korea?
To keep and bear arms is legally prohibited and there are few...
Furniture Information **Should I send my furniture to Korea before making an official trip?
It depends on the type of house. Houses for foreigners are partially...
Broadcasting Information **Can foreigners watch television in English ?
Of course you can. Actually, Korean TV programs are not possible...
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