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Frequently asked question
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1. Living 'off-Post' in Korea
       What do you do if you are a member who is moving off-post for the first time ?

2. How to pay the Monthly Rent
1) we recommend singing up for a savings account with one of Nations Community Bank and USA
Federal Credit Union. Then start an allotment to the account for the rental amount.
2) Every first of the month, the money will go into that local account. Withdraw that money to pay
the landlord.

3. Things to look for before you sign the Lease
1) Make sure you use the same lease form provided by the housing office. It includes protective clauses for the military members.
2) Make sure to list any repairs and services that you want on the lease.
3) You would probably want cable service and all your utilities included in the rent.

4. Members who are renewing Leases
1) Personnel are required to pay rent to the landlord monthly, instead of paying the whole
rental amount for the duration of the lease.
2) Check the per diemmm committee's link(below) to find your ceiling for your pay grade.
Our area code is "KS040"
Overseas Housing Allowances (OHA)
3) Personnel are required to sign the lease in Won in order to protect themselves from fluctuations in currency exchange rate. Rental ceiling will change according to the exchange rate and the economy.

5. Check Cashing
  Cashing personal or U.S. Treasury checks in large amount has been a problem here in Korea.
AAFES/PX provides limited amount check cashing services. Personal checks are limited to $300.00/day and U.S. Government checks are limited to $500.00/day.

Nations Bank cashes personal checks for non-members up $500.00/day with fees of 1 percent of the total face value of the amount cashed; a minimum of $100.00 requires a fees of $3.00; and no limit is set in cashing U.S. Government check however with a charge of $1.00 per transaction.

USA Federal Credit Union does not cash personal checks for non-members but cashes U.S.
Government checks up to a maximum of $10,000.00 with a charge of $1.00 per transaction.

6. Driking water
  Water Supply and Sewage system: Tap water is adequate for drinking, but filtration equipment such as water purifier or bottled water is also available.

Price of the Bottled water
5,000 Korean Won / 5gallon water
Rental price of the water Purifier
35,000 Korean Won / month,
(need to change the filter every two months)
Buying price of the water purifier
1,000,000 Korean Won
(need to change the filter every two month)

7. Hook up
  :: Washer / Stove hook up             KOAX repair shop at Camp Kim (7913-4117)
  + Charge : $30-$40 for Washer (Including service all charge:$17.50)
                    $25-$30 for Stover (Including service all charge:$17.50)
                    $30-$35 for Dryer (Including service all charge:$17.50)

:: Stove / Dryer hook up for a city gas(LNG) Line

- For City gas hook up at
  Yongsan-dong / Huam-dong / Itaewon-dong / Dongbingo-dong / Seobingo-dong /
  Jusung-dong / Bokwang-dong / Kalwol-dong / Hannam-dong / Dongja-dong

* Please call :796-4831(Yongsan City Gas Co)

- For city gas hook up at
   Ichon-dong / Hankangro / Youngsan-dong 3 ga& 5 ga / Wonhyoro

* Please call : 796-9366, 793-5067 / 7147 (Seoul City Gas Go)

  Charge : 8,000-30,000 for stove
                 50,000-700,000 for stove and Dryer
  When you terminate your house, contact to LP Gas Company to pick up your gas bottle for a refund
   about 11,000.

8. voltage
  Voltage level has been converted to 220V in most buildings in Korea. You will need to check out the voltage
requirements before you move into your new residence. Also you can buy the transfer if you want to use your
electric appliance.

9. Trash & Garbage Collection System
  1) All trash and garbage must be segregated into recyclable and disposable trash.

2) Disposable trash must be placed in designated trash collection points or bins.

3) Personnel in violation of the new policy will be fined as follows:
    A. 50,000 for trash bags that are tied improperly.
    B. 100,000 for trash not placed in authorized bags.
    C. 100,000 for trash placed anywhere other than designated collection points or bins.

4) Price of trash bags are as follows:
    - 5 liter bag : 1,000
    - 10 liter bag : 1,800
    - 20 liter bag : 3,600
    - 30 liter bag : 5,700
    - 50 iter bag : 9,000
    - 100 liter bag : 13,400
    Trash bags may be purchased from local markets, cigarette stores, etc.

5) Separate collection of recyclable waste is an effective means of reducing environmental pollution.
    Recyclable goods are divided into five different groups: paper, glass, scrap iron, cans and plastic.
   Apartment residents put these into the assigned collection boxes (according to items).
    Individual residents gather recyclable items at designated places twice every week.

* Paper - Tie newspapers, calendars, magazines, or notebooks in 30cm bundles.
                (Ensure cartons are cleaned before disposing.)
* Glass - Wine, soft drinks and medicine bottles must be cleaned before disposing.
* Scrap iron - Metal chairs, albata, stainless steel, etc. should be collected separately.
* Cans - Cans for beer, soft drinks and powdered milk should be compressed before disposing.
* Plastics - Detergent and shampoo containers should be disposed only after rinsing with water.

6) Large volume wastes such as refrigerators and furniture, which are hard to dispose of, should be reported
     to the Sanitation Division of the District Offices (or Dong offices) three days before disposal.
    A written notice for the fee to be paid at the bank will be given. The fee is determined according to the size
    of the article.
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