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  2. Foreign School
   (1) Korean International School | (2) Seoul Foreign School | (3) Early Childhood Learning Center |
   (4) Lycee Francais de Seoul | (5) Seoul American School | (6) Franciscan Seoul
  [1] Korean International School

 Submit Document for Admission
The Admissions Office will consider student applications for admission only after the submission of the following items:
  Completed application form with three recent photos.
  Proof of eligibility to attend foreign school in Korea.
  Copies of report cards from schools attended over the past two years (if in any language other than
   English, a translation is required).
  Letter of recommendation from current teacher (use form letter to teacher)
  Photocopy of information page of passport.
  2nd~9th grade students: Most recent standardized test results.
  Two full pages of original written work (in English) from recent school assignments with teacher or
  principal verification signature.
  Two recent mathematics assignments or tests.
  Medical forms.
  Application and registration fees.
We will not consider incomplete applications. Once all of the above items have been received, the Admissions Office will schedule a placement test.

The Admissions Test includes :
- Kindergarten: Interview only.
- Grade 1-9 : Reading Tests, Writing Test, Math Test and Interview.

Parents will be notified of the school's decision within one week of the admissions interview. Full payment of tuition is expected within one week of notification to hold a student's place at Korea International School

 Entrance Qualification
- Foreign Residents
- Korean Citizen who hold immigration document.
- Korean Citizen with a document overseas stays of at least five years
- Korean Citizen with one foreign parent
   Tuition Fee

[ 2002-2003 School Year ]
* Tuition1
8,500,000 won and $5,500
Grades 6-8
9,600,000 won and $6,200
Grades 9-12
10,000,000 won and $7,400
* Parents who wish to pay tuition on an installment basis should contact the Administrative Office
  for approval. The Administrative Office can provide information concerning rates for
  installment payment.
* Tuition2 ( ESL Student )
Grade 1-5
10,500,000 won and $7,000
* ESL students who join the regular class after the first semester will be refunded 800,000won
  and $600.
* Summer School ESL Fee is not included.
* ESL students who are not promoted to the regular class in the following school year should
  take the KIS Summer ESL program.
* Regular student wishing to join our Summer School can apply to the Administrative Office.
* Other Fees
Bus Fee
1,850,000 won
Book Deposit Fee
200,000 won (Refundable)
Initial Registration Fee
and Placement Testing Fee
600,000 won
(60% refundable only if not admitted)
Summer ESL Program
(Required for all K-5 ESL Students)
(6/16~7/11: 5 classes a day over 4 weeks)
1,980,000 won
( Lunch and Bus Fees are included )
* One-way or half-year bus fee options are not available.
* Professional Testing Fee maybe necessary if outside testing is required.
* Payment Due Dates
* For returning students
- A payment of 30% of the annual tuition is due on or before May 2, 2003. If the deposit is
  not made by May 2, 2003, we cannot guarantee your child’s place in Korea International
  School for  the school year 2003~2004 school year.
- The balance of the tuition and fees are due on or before July 11, 2003. Please keep in mind that
if payment is not be made by July 11, 2003, the student cannot be enrolled at Korea International
School for the 2003~2004 school year.
* Newly Enrolling students
- Payment of all tuition and fees must be made within one week of notification of admission.
* Late Entry Discount And Early Withdrawal Refund Schedule
Late Entry Discount
Early withdrawal Refund
May 1 – Jul 11, 2003
90% of annual tuition and 100% of bus fee
Jul 14 – Aug 8, 2003
80% of annual tuition and 100% of bus fee
Aug 11 – Aug 30, 2003
70% of annual tuition and 70% of bus fee
Sep 1 – Oct 17, 2003
60% of annual tuition and 60% of bus fee
Oct 20 – Jan 16, 2004
40% of annual tuition and 40% of bus fee
Jan 19 – Feb 13, 2004
30% of annual tuition and 30% of bus fee
Feb 16 - Mar 26, 2004
20% of annual tuition and 20% of bus fee
Mar 29 - Jun 11, 2004
* Only amounts paid for Tuition and Bus Fees are subject to refund in accordance with the Early
  Withdrawal Refund Schedule above. The Book Deposit is also refundable if all
  textbooks are in good condition when returned.
► The method of payment of tuition is in two currencies – Korean won and U.S dollars as
  indicated above. Other fees must be paid in Korean won.
► All payments are required to be made through the Korean GIRO system.(Please use only Kiup
► Parents should fax the receipt of payment to the KIS Administrative office.
(FAX No. 02-576-0690, Mr. Choi)

* Payment Instructions - Kiup Bank
* For Korean Won : By wire transfer to
Account Name : Korea International School Account No : 211-028515-01-034
* For U.S Dollars : By wire transfer to
Account Name : Korea International School Account No : 211-028515-56-00082
   Placement Test

A variety of placement instruments are used to assess in-coming Korea International School students. All students are required to take the IPT/IDEA oral English proficiency assessment test. Reading and writing tests are also required for all grades beyond first. Math inventory tests are given according to grade level.

Additional testing may be required at the discretion of the Admissions Office, or at the request of the Director of the school.

 Education Programs

- Kindergarten
- ESL program
- Elementary School
- Middle School
- High School

 Q & A

What are the starting and ending dates?
Korea International School starts on 11 August 2003 and ends on 11 June. KIS has 180 school days.
What grades do you have?
We have kindergarten through 10th grade this school year. With the graduation from class of tenth graders, one eleventh-grade class will be added. Additional grades will be added to the high school on a yearly basis.
What is your class size?
The maximum enrollment for each class is 20 students.
Do you provide school lunch?
Lunch coupons are sold in the KIS Cafeteria. If a student with a monthly coupon chooses to bring a sack lunch occasionally during the month, that day’s lunch coupon can be used at another time.
Do you have school bus service?
We provide school bus service. Buses serve various foreign residential areas of Seoul and Boondang.
How can we visit your school?
Please contact the Admissions Office and make an appointment. We are willing to answer any questions that you might have and give you a tour of our facilities.
Do the students take an admissions test to enroll in your school? If yes, what kind of tests do you have?
There are English and Mathematics tests.
The English test covers oral, reading, and writing abilities.
Do you have an ESL program?
We offer English as a Second Language support for grades one through five.
What extracurricular activities do you have?
We have Music Ensemble, Sci-Fi Club, Soccer, SSAT Preparation, Computer, Drawing, Taekwondo, Computer Photography, Cross Stitch, and Holiday Crafts. Fun Art, Scrapbooking, Gymnastics, Chinese, Korean Legend and Folktale, Storytelling, Taekwondon.
Is your school accredited?
The Korean Ministry of Education certified our school in 1999.Certification with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, U.S., is a three-year process which we have already begun.
Ubud Villa    Seminyak Villa   Maty  
RM 901, Hannam BLDG 737-37, Hannam-Dong, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul, Korea
FAX +82-2-793-8849 / E-mail : KOREA OFFICE +82-2-793-8866
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