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(5) Check Cashing / Voltage

Check Cashing

Cashing personal or U.S. Treasury checks in large amount has been a problem here in Korea.
AAFES/PX provides limited amount check cashing services. Personal checks are limited to 300.00/day
and U.S. Government checks are limited to $500.00/day.
Nations Bank cashes personal checks for non-members up $500.00/day with fees of 1 percent of the total
face value of the amount cashed; a minimum of $100.00 requires a fees of $3.00;
and no limit is set in cashing U.S. Government check however with a charge of $1.00 per transaction.
USA Federal Credit Union does not cash personal checks for non-members but cashes U.S. Government
checks up to a maximum of $10,000.00 with a charge of $1.00 per transaction.


Voltage level has been converted to 220V in most buildings in Korea. You will need to check out the voltage
requirements before you move into your new residence. Also you can buy the transfer if you want to use your
electric appliance.
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