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1. Hotel
Grade 2 and 3 hotels are less expensive and provide excellent facilities. Average rate for a double room is KRW 50,000~100,000 per night with high quality service. Most frequently visited by frequent travelers with limited expenses : 500,000 won

  Rainbow Hotel   Tel. 02-792-9993
  Chungsoojang Hotel   Tel. 02-795-8371
  Danyang Hotel   Tel. 02-790-0049

2. World Inn
The City of Seoul has designated excellent hotels and motels as World Inn to enable access by foreign visitors. Facilities and services of the World Inns are closely examined by the professionals in the relevant fields, while employees are regularly trained. Guests at the World Inns may report to the City when they experience problems or inconveniences during their stay. Rates are from KRW 40,000 to 60,000.

  Seoul Jang   Tel. 02-795-2266
  Sungji Jang   Tel. 02-792-1691

3. Motel
Motels are mostly used by Koreans. Unlike average hotels, guests must pay when they enter their rooms. Average rates are from KRW 30,000 to 50,000, while most rooms are equipped with TV, air conditioning system, bathroom, writing desk, telephone and other necessary facilities. Because the rates are less expensive with these motels, it would be appropriate not to expect much at global standards.

  Hiltop Hotel   Tel. 02-793-4972
  Misungjang Motel   Tel. 02-793-6884
  Hangang Motel   Tel. 02-795-5064
  Namsan Motel   Tel. 02-795-0860
  Taepyung Motel   Tel. 02-792-8514
  Obokjang   Tel. 02-795-4631
  Gwibinjang   Tel. 02-790-7484
  Yubongjang   Tel. 02-790-7484
  Bokwang Inn   Tel. 02-795-1411
  Dongkwang Inn   Tel. 02-795-7331
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