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* Seoul American Middle School ( )

   (B) Middle School

Submit Document for Admission

Registration Information
Registration for Seoul American Middle School can be made upon arrival. It is required of all students, and families must re-register every school year.
Registration may be accomplished at the Registrar's Office which is located in room 121 of the new ACS building across the street from the school.

Sponsor's, please bring the following :
  • A copy of the sponsor's orders, any changes, concurrent travel orders (if issued), extension to orders.
  • If Navy, a copy of the dependent's entry approval order or letter from PSD; all other command sponsorship orders if issued.
  • Student's Social Security numbers.
  • Emergency information: (information of someone you would like to notify in the event you can not be reached)
      • Name
      • Address
      • Phone number
  • Verification of dependency by one of the following:
      • Official birth certificate
      • Passport
      • Dependents listed on orders
      • Command sponsorship letter verification from CPO
  • Immunization record:
      • The 121st General Hospital's Immunization Clinic has the school forms for verification.
      • The TB tyne test must be current within the current year
  •  Age requirements:
      • Kindergarten children must be five years old by October 31st.
      • First grade children must be six years old by October 31st.
  • Federally Connected Contractor personnel must bring an eligibility memorandum from their sponsoring agency in accordance with USKF Regulation 700.19
If you have any questions, you may contact the District Superintendents Office (DSO):
DSN: 738-7707

Course Information


Full Year Courses
Exploratory Wheel
These courses will rotate throughout the year and are 9 weeks long
Mini Course
These courses will rotate throughout the year and are 9 weeks long
Language Arts 6 (Year Long)
Literary Circle
Mathematics 6 (Year Long)
**Character Counts
Math Challenge
Social Studies 6 (Year Long)
Intra-Cultural Exploration
Map Mania
Science 6 (Year Long)
Science Discovery
Physical Education/Health
(Year Long)
Seminar 6 (Year Long)

  • Language Arts 7 (Year Long)
  • Mathematics 7 (Year Long)
  • Integrated Science II (Year Long)
  • World Geography (Year Long)
  • Physical Education/Health (Semester) OR Hapkido or Taekwondo (Semester)
  • Computer Applications 7 (Semester)

  • Academic Wheel 7
    * These classes rotate throughout the year and are each 9 weeks long )
    - Novel Study                  - Math Challenge
    - Special Interest Unit     - Science Investigations
Exploratory Electives
Students Select : 1 Year Long Elective or 2 Semester Electives .

Year Long Elective
Semester Electives
Beginning Band
Intermediate Band**
Advanced Band**
Inter-Cultural Exploration
French I*
Video Production
Korean I (AB)* Non-Korean Speakers
Humanities 7
Korean I (CD)* Native Korean Speakers
Gifted Enrichment***
Reading Improvement***

* Foreign Languages require teacher recommendation
** Intermediate and Advanced Band requires teacher recommendation and try-out
*** Determined by Counselor
  • Language Arts 8 (Year Long)
  • Mathematics or Algebra I* (Year Long)
  • Integrated Science III (Year Long)
  • United States History (Year Long)
  • Physical Education/Health ( Semester ) OR
  • Hapkido or Taekwondo ( Semester ) AND
  • Intro to Programming 8 (Semester) OR
  • Computer Applications 8
* Students Select: 2 Year Long Electives or 1 Year Long & 2 Semester Electives OR 4 Semester Electives  

Exploratory Electives

Year Long Elective
Semester Electives
Beginning Band
Intermediate Band**
Advanced Band**
Strings* (High School)
Korean I (AB)* Non-Korean Speakers
Gifted Enrichment
Korean I (CD)* Native Korean Speakers
Pathways to Careers
Korean II*
Video Production
French I*
Nature Studies
Reading Improvement ***

* Foreign Languages require teacher recommendation
* Intermediate and Advanced Band requires teacher recommendation and try-out
** Student / Parent / Teacher Contract Required

The Seoul Student Transportation Office (STO) is located in the new ACS Building, S-4106, room 121, and we're here to serve our community with safe and reliable student transportation services. Some of our duties include coordinating transportation for the daily commuting bus transportation, pre-arranging transportation for curricular and co-curricular events (field trips, sport matches, etc.), providing school bus safety training to students, and issuing school bus passes. The Seoul STO conducts safety inspections on all school bus stops and buses used for student transportation within the commuting area. We also work closely with the school administrators, housing office, and various base commands to establish the walking and commuting areas for the local Seoul DoDDS schools.

Distance requirements are one of the primary standards for school bus service. In general, elementary students, grades 6 and below, are authorized school bus services if they reside more than one mile from their authorized school. Students in grades 7 and above are authorized school bus service if they reside more than one and one half miles from school. For the Yongsan area, the entire post has been designated a 'walking area' as no school busing is provided except in the case of children with special education needs.
Bus stops are located in centralized areas of the school bus commuting zone. IAW DOD regulation 4500.36R, students may be required to walk to the designated bus stop. For grades 6 and below, students may be required to walk up to one mile to their bus stop. For grades 7 and above, students may be required to walk up to one and one half miles to their bus stop.

Space required students are authorized to ride on DoDDS school buses, provided they reside within the designated commuting area. Prior to renting or leasing any off base housing, members should check with the local STO to ensure that bus service is available for the area they intend to move into. It's the parents' responsibility to transport students to the closest bus stop within the commuting area if they reside outside the designated commuting area. Bus stops on routes are established to service the community and it's the parents' responsibility to ensure that the student(s) is/are catching the bus at the designated bus stop. All students should have one primary pick-up and drop-off bus stop.
Students should be at their assigned bus stop at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Parents, who will meet children in the afternoon, should be at the bus stop 10 minutes prior to arrival. An adult must meet students in grades K-2. Students in these grades, who are not met by an adult at the bus stop, will be brought back to the Seoul Student Transportation Office. Once returned to the STO, the parents will be contacted to pick-up the child.

Pre-registration for the upcoming school will be held in May. Place and time TBD. Parents will receive more information from the school. Questions should be directed to the school or the school registrar (see contact information at the bottom of each page on this site).
All students must have a new/updated photo taken prior to being issued a bus pass. Parents and students can come by the Seoul STO, Monday through Friday, 0800 hours until 1600 hours (the office will not close for lunch) to have the photo taken. School bus passes will be available for pick-up during the middle of August. More information provided later.

Questions, problems, and concerns should be directed to the Seoul STO at 738-5032/4538

Make the best of Middle School .......
Get Involved !

One way to get involved in the school and the community is through the many extra-curricular programs offered through SAMS. The following is a list of some of the activities offered at SAMS : 

cross country group
Ski Club
Ubud Villa    Seminyak Villa   Bali Luxury Villas   Maty  
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