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* Seoul American Elementary School ( )

   (C) Elementary School

contact information

Mr. Don Christensen, principal,emai
School Phone Numbers*
DSN: 736-4613 or 736-5978 From the states : 011-822-7916-4613
School address
DoDDS SAES Unit 15549 APO AP 96205
School FAX
DSN: 736-4606From the states : 011-822-793-6925
Attendance clerk
(please call if your child will be absent)
DSN : 736-4613 or 736-7513
School nurses
DSN : 736-4192
School webmaster, email

* DSN stands for Direct Service Network and these numbers are only available from phones on the base. To dial a DSN number from off base, dial 0505 then the 7 digit number. For example, to call the nurses from off base, dial 0505-736-4192.


Returning Seoul American Elementary students must re-register at SAES each school year. New students must first register in Room 121 at the Community Service Building (#4106 DSN: 738-7707) before registering at SAES.
Parents must bring the following information for all new and returning students.
Registration forms are available on the Korea District Superintendent's web site.

Sponsor's orders and extension orders (if applicable)

Previous school records (first time students only. Bring to school NOT Community Services Building)

Social Security number for student

Birth certificate or Passport (KN and 1st grade only)

Immunization records for student

The nurses will need to review your child's most recent shot record. A TB test dated after March 1, 2002 is required to attend the 2002-2003 school year.

Also: You must provide an emergency contact for your child during registration. Some suggestions are:

If you are new to the area, try to use someone in the sponsor's office until you are moved into quarters. Then you may change it to a neighbor once you are settled.

If you are returning, make sure your current emergency contact has not PCS'd or will not PCS soon


The Seoul Student Transportation Office (STO) ( located at BLDG S-4106, the new ACS Bldg ) is here to serve your community with safe and reliable student transportation services. Some of our duties include coordinating transportation for daily commuting, extracurricular events (sporting events...etc), curricular events (required field trips), after school activity buses, the cooperative work experience program, and special needs students. We provide bus safety training to preschool through grade 8 students and develop inclement weather response plans. The Seoul STO conducts safety/operation inspections on all buses, bus routes, and bus stops used for busing. We also work closely with school administrators and military commands to establish commuting/walking zones, and investigate/resolve all student behavior concerns on our vehicles.


Parents are reminded that :
a) Registration for the next school year will be held during the Spring at Hannam Village and the High School Gym. Each school will forward more information at a later date.

b) To register for transportation you will need to bring a copy of the 600 for each student. All students must have a new/updated photo taken prior to being issued a bus pass.

c) For safety and security reasons students are required to show a bus pass when entering the bus to/from school, and are only authorized to ride their assigned bus route. Students must also ride their assigned school bus for safety and security reasons. Failure to do so could result in a 5-day suspension from the school bus.

d) Please consult the Seoul Student Transportation Office for details on the area walking/commuting zones prior to entering into a rental agreement.

If you have any questions please contact the Seoul Student Transportation Office at DSN (738-5032 or commercial at 02-7918-5032).

Frequently Asked Question
When does school start? What are the school hours ?
School will start on Monday, August 25, 2003. School begins at 0800 and dismisses at 1415. Students are not to arrive to school prior to 0750. Kindergarten starts on Sept. 2, 2003 and Sure Start on Sept. 15, 2003
What supplies does my child need for the school year ?
Student supplies such as pencils, notebooks, crayons, erasers, etc. are available for purchase at the local AAFES Post Exchange. Similar supplies are available on the economy. Every grade has a recommended list of supplies needed by your child. This list is also posted at your local AAFES Post Exchange(PX)
How about lunch? When do I buy lunch tickets and how much do they cost ?
All SAES students eat lunch in the cafeteria. The children have a 30 minute lunch and recess. Hot lunches may be purchased or students may bring their lunch. Parents may purchase lunch tickets at the AAFES PX and at the Hannam Village Commissary. Price of lunch tickets is subject to change, however the average cost is $1.95 per meal. For a reduced lunch or free lunch program, students must go to the Community Services Building (CSB) to fill out the proper forms for this program.
What special services are available at SAES ?
We at SAES have:
Art Culture/ Host Nation
Music/ Physical Education
ESL (English as a Second Language)/ Guidance Counselors

Information Specialists/ School Psychologist
Teacher for the Communication Impaired/ Gifted Education Program
Teacher for the Learning Impaired/ Compensatory Education
Teacher for the Emotionally Impaired/ Sure Start Preschool Program

Teacher for the Mentally Challenged/ Language Arts Reading Specialist
Computer Labs and classroom computers/ Nurses
Does SAES provide after school activities for students?
SAES has many after school activities during our school year, but the type of activities depends on teachers’ availability in sponsoring these programs.
Previous after school activities included:
Korean Language/ Ice SkatingSkiing/ Yearbook
Homework Club/ Photography Club
Drama Club/ Computer
Double Dutch Jump Rope/ Student Council
What bus should my child take ?
Any questions concerning transportation should be directed to PACTMO. Office hours 08:30-15:30 hrs, Monday through Friday, located in room 121 Community Services Building (CS Building), telephone 738-5032. You will need to attend a bus safety training program prior to receiving your child’s bus pass .
When will I meet my child’s teacher ?
You will have an opportunity to meet the teacher on August 22, 2003 at the "Meet and Greet" from 1330 to 1430. Each teacher will have a group parent orientation meeting sometime in the first weeks of the new school year. After the first marking period in November there will be an individual parent teacher conference, where you will receive your child’s progress report.
What kind of parental involvement activities can you find at SAES ?
SAES parents are encouraged to participate in the school Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) because it provides plenty of school-wide activities that involve parents. We also have a School Advisory Council (SAC) and a School Improvement Team