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  3. Medical
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   (5) Seoul National University Hospital
  [1] International Clinic ( )

International Clinic was founded in 1987 to provide advanced and personalized health care for expatriates residing in Korea and travelers to Korea. We continue to strive to give our clients quality health care in an efficient manner with easy access and up to Western standards.
The International Clinic is a private clinic with a diagnostic capacity of a general hospital. The Clinic is staffed by doctors and nurses fluent in English ever ready to serve all of the medical needs of foreigners in an atmosphere of comfort and confidence.

The International Clinic has been expanding its services to meet the demands of our client. Following services are available at the Clinic :

1. General medicine including family medicine.
2. Psychiatric services
3. Travel vaccination
4. ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder) evaluation utilizing the state of art computerized diagnostics including TOVA(Test of Variable Attention) and Brainmapping.
5. Comprehensive Physical Examination
6. EEG-Biofeedback(neurofeedback)
7. Anti-aging medicine---state of art hormonal analysis with hormonal replacement therapy for rejuvenation and revitalization
8. Nutrabalance ---Computerized Patient Nutritional Analysis

International Clinic

501 Hannam building, 737-37 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu
Seoul, Korea 140-212

Office Tel. : 82-2-790-0857
Fax : 82-2-798-7480
E-mail :


Direction to International Clinic

Brown line ( Number 6 ) Get off at the Itaewon station and exit through number 2 exit.
Then walk to the Hannam building, about 300 meters up.


1. At the Seoul Train Station. or Nam Yeong station
Get on the 78-3, 23 or 81.
2. At the Kang Nam station
Get on the 78-3.
3. If you are on following buses ( 78-3, 79-1 ), get off at the following stops An Seong Tower or ku Tae Pyeong Theatre.
4. If you are on the 23, 81, get off the bus at the following stop - Hamilton Hotel and then walk to
the International Clinic ( approx 0.3miles = 5minutes walk )

Parking Information : Free parking for the clinic clients. Follow the map provided above.


Ubud Villa    Seminyak Villa   Maty  
RM 901, Hannam BLDG 737-37, Hannam-Dong, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul, Korea
FAX +82-2-793-8849 / E-mail : KOREA OFFICE +82-2-793-8866
Copyright 2005 Inter-ways Inc. All rights reserved