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  5. Transportation
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City Buses

There are approximately 400 bus routes connecting the farthest corners of the city. There are 8,500 city buses. 'The Exclusive Lane for Bus System' is imposed at daytime, which makes it possible to take a less time to come and go for bus passengers. You should pay fares by either cash, or the transportation card as you board. To stop the bus at your destination, push one of the stop buttons installed the interior wall of the bus.

Types of City Buses

City Bus

City Express Bus

Deluxe Express Bus
  There are three kinds of urban buses running in Seoul City: City, City Express and Deluxe Express Buses. The City Express Buses are referred to as 'Jwaseok (seat)' in Korean and are more comfortable than general city buses. City Buses are referred to as 'Ilban' bus in Korean. They are numbered according to their specific routing. Since destinations are written in Korean, English and Chinese, you can take the right bus without difficulties. You may get assistance from your hotel front desk to find out where the bus stops are and which number you should take. You may also contact the Bus Route Information Center at (+82-2) 414-5005 for routes and time schedule.

In addition, there is one more type of bus called 'Maeul Bus' in Korean that is a kind of a community shuttle bus. It is usually run on a short-distance service course in the residential area that doesn't have a convenient transportation like a subway or a bus. These buses are smaller and cheaper than the normal buses. The transportation card is also available for this type of bus.

Bus Fares
(Unit: Korean Won)
Type Passengers Cash Transportation Card
City Bus Adults 700 650
Middle & High School Students 550 490
Elementary School Children 300 300
City Express Bus Adults 1,300 1,200
Middle & High School Students 1,300 1,100
Elementary School Children 900 900
Deluxe Express Bus Adults 1,400 1,300
Middle & High School Students 1,400 1,100
Elementary School Children 1,000 1,000
Maeul Bus
(Community shuttle bus)
Adults 450 400
Middle or High School Students 400 350
Elementary School Children 200 200

Transportation Card

  By the transportation card as well as cash, you can pay bus fares. The Transportation Card is a pay-per-ride card with 2 % added value and can also be used to pay subway fares. 10,000, and 20,000won bus cards are sold and recharged at kiosks or news stands near the bus stop. A 1,500 won deposit is required when purchasing a Transportation Card, which can be returned to get the deposit back.

When the passenger gets on the bus, he or she needs to place the transportation card on the card reader installed beside the driver to pay the bus fare by the card. Then the card reader displays how much money left in the card for prepaid card of how much you spent for post-paid card. If one wants to pay the fares for more than one person, he needs to tell the driver how many people he pays the fare for and place the card on the card reader as many times as the number of the people.

For further questions, please call the Seoul Bus Transport Association at (82-2) 414-5005. Please call 120, if you have any complaints regarding the bus service.

Long Distance Express Buses

There are two kinds of buses -- Regular express buses and Deluxe express buses. The latter kind offers higher standard of service -- spacious seats and other facilities such as mobile phones and VCRs.

Seoul Express Bus Terminal

19-3 Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul
Transportation: Express Bus Terminal Station (Subway Line 3)
Tel: (82-2) 535-4151

Route Departure Interval(Minute) Fare(Won) Travel Time
First Last
Seoul-Cheonan(Deluxe) 06:00 21:20 10-15 3,600
1 hr. 30 min
Seoul-Gangneung(Deluxe) 06:00 23:30 15-20 9,900
2 hr. 50 min.
Seoul-Gwangju(Deluxe) 05:30 01:00 5-10 13,000
4 hr.
Seoul-Gyeongju(Deluxe) 06:00 18:30 30-40 14,600
4 hr. 15 min.
Seoul-Mokpo(Deluxe) 05:30 24:00 30-40 15,300
5 hr. 20 min.
Seoul-Busan(Deluxe) 06:00 20:40 15 17,100
5 hr. 20 min.
Seoul-Sokcho(Deluxe) 06:30 23:30 30-60 11,800
4 hr.
Seoul-Daegu(Deluxe) 06:00 20:30 10-20 12,100
4 hr.
Seoul-Daejeon(Deluxe) 05:50 21:55 5-10 6,500
1 hr. 50 min.

Dong Seoul Express Bus Terminal

Address: 546-1 Guui-dong, Seongdong-Gu, Seoul
Transportation: Gangbyeon Station (Subway Line 2)

Route Departure Interval(Minute) Fare(Won) Travel Time
First Last
Seoul-Gangneung(Deluxe) 06:30 20:00 30-40 min. 10,000
3 hr. ~ 3 hr. 30 min.
Seoul-Donghae(Deluxe) 07:10 18:50 1hr.40 min. 11,700
3 hr. 50 min. ~ 4 hr. 30 min.
Seoul-Sokcho(Deluxe) 07:00 19:00 1hr.30 min. 14,200
3 hr. 40 min. ~ 4 hr. 40 min.
Seoul-Daegu(Deluxe) 06:00 20:00 10-20 min. 12,600
4 hr.
Seoul-Daejeon(Deluxe) 05:50 21:00 20-30 min. 7,400
1 hr. 50 min. ~ 2 hr.
Seoul-Busan(Deluxe) 06:40 18:40 1hr.20 min. 17,500
5 hr. 30 min.

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