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  5. Transportation
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(3) Taxi ( )

There are three kinds of taxis -- general taxis, deluxe taxis, and call taxis. The last two types of taxis offer a high standard of service compared to the first, but are more expensive than the first. You cannot always expect that a taxi driver is fluent in English, so it is advisable to tell the landmarks (many major hotels and attracts) near the destination. Vacant taxis have indicator lamps on, in front of assistant driver seat and on the roof.

General Taxis

The fare is calculated by both the distance and time of travel. The basic fare is 1,600 won for the first 2 km and 100 won for each additional 168m. If the taxi is going less than 15 km per hour due to traffic congestion, an additional charge of 100 won per each 41 seconds is added to the basic fare.

The fare between Gimpo Airport and downtown Seoul is usually around 13,000 won.
It costs approximately 19,000 won to travel between Gimpo Airport and Jamsil, although it could be higher if there is heavy traffic. Extra 20 percent is added to the fare between midnight and 04:00.

Deluxe Taxis

Deluxe taxis, called 'mobeom' taxis in Korean, are black with a yellow sign on the top and the words 'Deluxe Taxi' written on the side. They offer a higher quality of services. The fare is 4,000 won for the first 3km and 200 won for each additional 205m or 50 seconds if the speed drops below 15km per hour. There is no late-night surcharge.

The usual fares between Gimpo Airport and downtown, and Gimpo Airport and Jamsil are about 23,000 won and 35,000 won, respectively, but could be more or less depending on traffic. Car phones are available and receipts are given. Deluxe taxi stands are located at hotels, bus and subway stations, bus terminals, and on major city streets.

By calling (82-2) 3431-5100, you can take a deluxe taxi quickly and conveniently wherever you are. Also, you can make a reservation on the phone for a ride anywhere, at any time.

Call Taxis
When you take a call taxi (82-2-414-0150~5), it is better to haggle over the fare with a taxi driver before you get into the taxi.
  • Call Taxi only for Foreigners provided by World Cup Arirang Tourist Co Ltd.
    Address:Iteawon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
    Tel : +82-2-793-1013

Visitors Guide Taxis
Visitors Guide Taxi was intended to lessen foreign travelers' inconvenience, as one of their biggest headaches has been the language barrier. Visitors Guide Taxis are black with a yellow sign on the roof and a label reading "VISITORS GUIDE" on both sides of the vehicle. The English-speaking and Japanese-speaking drivers were trained, tested, and finally selected from drivers of deluxe taxis, or 'moebeom' taxis in Korean. English and Japanese brochures on Visitors Guide Taxi are provided at major tourist sites including airports, hotels, and the Korea National Tourism Organization(KNTO) overseas branch offices. For more information, contact the Taxi and Logistics Division, Transportation Office of the Seoul Metropolitan Government by email at or at (82-2) 3707-9751~2.

Call Taxis for the Handicapped
Call taxi for the handicapped is a special taxi service for people with disabilities provided by the Seoul Metropolitan Government as part of efforts to facilitate travel of the physically challenged, which is the first of its kind in the country. 100 fleets of van that can accommodate 9 or 12 people are tentatively on service until the end of 2002 and will be initially put into service from 2003. The fare of call taxis for the handicapped is 40 percent of that of normal cabs.

The taxis will be linked to the central dispatch center with equipped with gadgets for GPS (Global Positioning System) to help keep track of their whereabouts. Call (82-2)1588-4388 for use of the taxi.

For more information on Call Taxi for the Handicapped, contact the Rehabilitation Division, Health & Welfare Bureau, Seoul Metropolitan Government at (+82-2) 3707-8353~9 or the Seoul Metropolitan Installation Management Corporation at (+82-2-2290-6510)

Call Taxi for the Handicapped
Regular Taxi
Basic Fare
1,600 Won / 5km
1,600 Won / 2km
Extra Fare
100 Won / 420m
100 Won / 168m

Free Interpretation Service

A special interpretation service is provided in some taxis on a request basis. Three languages are available among a passenger, a driver and an interpreter in English, Japanese and Chinese through a wireless phone installed in the taxi. If you need more information, call 017-200-3000

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