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General Information | Kr Pass | Ticket Purchase Information | Train Package for Foreign Tourists


KR PASS can be purchased at a sales representative abroad as a form of a voucher. You need to change the voucher with a KR PASS at a designated station in Korea. With this ticket, you can take every train run by Korean National Railroad Administration (except the subway) within a certain period without any restriction on the riding sections or the number of ride times.
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Types of KR PASS
  • NORMAL PASS: This is a regular pass for children aged from six to twelve or adults.
  • SAVER PASS : This is for 2~5 persons' group with a same schedule.
  • YOUTH PASS : This is for the youth (13~25 years).
  • Duration: 3-day, 5-day, 7-day, 10-day pass

Unit: US ($)
Div Normal Youth Saver
Adult Children 2~5person 13-25age
Tickets for 3 day 48(46) 24(23) 39(37) 44(42)
Tickets for 5 day 72(68) 36(34) 58(55) 65(62)
Tickets for 7 day 91(86) 46(44) 73(69) 82(78)
Tickets for 10 day 106(101) 53(50) 80(76) 96(91)
* Free of charge for children of 5 years or under.
* Half rates are allowed for the children of 6~12 years.
* 50% D.C. is allowed for the child (6~12 years) using the NORMAL PASS.
* In case of the SAVER PASS adult rates are charged for the youth or children included. * Fare in the parenthesis indicates online pricing.

User Restriction

It is not allowed for those who fall under the below items.
  • Person of Korean nationality
  • Foreigner with the length of over 6 months' stay

Voucher Purchasing
  • Travel agencies in the foreign countries sell the vouchers.
  • The selling price is based on the Korean dollar (won), and one should pay the price with the local currency according to the exchange rate announced by the Korean Foreign Exchange Bank.
  • Questions: Tel.82-2-733-9494
  • E-mail:
  • Homepage:

Valid period

One must specify the date that you want to start using the PASS; it can be any date within 60 days from the date the Exchange Order was issued.

Additional services for KR PASS user
  • 50% D.C. is applied when you use a special seat or a berth in Saemaul train.
  • 30% D.C. is applied when you use a hotel designated.
  • 10% D.C. is applied when you use a car-rental agent designated.
  • 20% D.C. is applied when you use a dining car or a grill designated including those in the Seoul station, Dongdaegu station, and Busan station.
  • About 47% D.C. is available for the fare of "Swallow" and "Beetle 2" in case of a round trip to Japan.

Exchange Office and Information
  • Seoul Station (Tel. 02-392-7811)
  • Yeongdeungpo Station (Tel. 02-6393-310)
  • Daejeon Station (Tel. 042-226-7788)
  • Dongdaegu Station (Tel. 053-954-7788)
  • Busan Station (Tel. 051-463-5783)
  • Gyeongju Station (Tel. 054-742-7788)
  • Gwangju Station (Tel. 062-528-7744)
  • Incheon Int'l Airport (Tel. 02-3149-2973)

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