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  Ticket Purchase Information

Tickets can be purchased at all train stations, selected tourist centers and the KNTC Tourist Information Center. Tickets can be purchased up to 3 months in advance, and it is very strongly recommended to purchase tickets in advance if planning to travel during holidays or peak seasons.

Passengers can get various discounts on tickets depending on days of the week: 15% on Tue./Wed./Thur. (all day) and 5% on Mon./Fri. (before 6PM). Fares vary by class: first- and second-class and bedroom section. After purchasing a ticket at a station, go to a gate that your ticket indicates. After passing the gate, get on a train with a number that your ticket also indicates for fast seating. If your ticket is for no seating, you can get on any train with any number (you are to stand in the aisle between seats to your destination unless there is an empty seat). In Seoul Station, there is an information center for foreign tourists that you can purchase tickets and ask questions on traveling in Korea

Information and Reservation Counters for Foreigners
  • Seoul Station (Tel. 82-2-393-7008)
  • Busan Station (Tel. 82-51-465-5599)
  • Daejeon Station (Tel. 82-42-256-7788)
  • Daegu Station (Tel. 82-53-959-1188)
  • Gwangju Station (Te. 82-62-528-7744)
  • Iksan Station (Tel. 82-63-857-7788)
  • Gimcheon Station (Tel. 82-54-437-7788)

Fares to Major Cities

Route Train 2nd Class Regular Fare 5% Discount 15% Discount Duration
Seoul ~ Busan Saemaul-ho 30600 won 29100 won 26000 won 4hours 30minutes
Mugunghwa-ho 21000 won 20000 won 17900 won 5hours 30minutes
Seoul ~ Daejeon Saemaul-ho 11500 won 10900 won 9800 won 1hours 40minutes
Mugunghwa-ho 7900 won 7500 won 6700 won 2hours
Seoul ~ Gyeongju Saemaul-ho 27800 won 26400 won 23600 won 4hours 20minutes
Mugunghwa-ho 19100 won 18100 won 16200 won 5hours
Seoul ~ Dongdaegu Saemaul-ho 22500 won 21400 won 19100 won 3hours 10minutes
Mugunghwa-ho 15500 won 14700 won 13200 won 3hours 50minutes
Seoul ~ Gwangju Saemaul-ho 24800 won 23600 won 21100 won 3hours 55minutes
Mugunghwa-ho 17100 won 16200 won 14500 won 4hours 30minutes
Seoul ~ Cheonan Saemaul-ho 7600 won 7200 won 6500 won 1hours
Mugunghwa-ho 4700 won 4500 won 4000 won 1hours 10minutes
* For children's fare, deduct 50% from the regular 2nd class fare.

Category Regular Fares
Regular Fares Fri. (After 6PM), Sat. Sun. (All Day)
5%Discount Mon. Fri. (Before 6PM)
15%Discount Tues. Wed. Thur.

Detail Time schedule and Fares
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